Parenting: A Field Guide


Parenting: A Field Guide


This book is becoming a classic, parents' go-to guide from infancy all the way to college and beyond. The key challenges of raising children are all here, in quick-read blog-post style that gives you exactly what you need right now along with ideas to chew on later.

The book is based on five assumptions:

1.       You don’t really need to be told what to do;

2.       You really care about your kids;

3.       You don’t have a whole lot of time;

4.       You and your children are pretty much just fine;

5.       Your goal is to raise competent, well-adjusted children who move smoothly and effectively into their adult lives. 

So this book is a field guide. It’s a manual of thoughts to consider throughout your time as an active parent with kids at home. It’s intended to provide you with friendly counsel and pages on which to record your thoughts. I hope you find it useful.

And this book is also a challenge. It challenges you to think more deeply about being a parent than you ever have before and to consider the ideas, strategies, and examples offered in this book as starting points in creating the family experience you truly desire. You can get there. You can realize your vision of well-adjusted, confident and successful kids. This guide will show you the way.

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Here are the topics this book includes:

The Parent Vibe (Getting your groove on)    Attachment (Feeling like a family)   Brain Development (The key to everything)   Learning To Talk (The important first step)   Child Care (Who can take your place?)   Brothers And Sisters (When should you have another?)   Birds, Bees And Babies (What your child needs to know when)   Discipline (Developing your child´s self-control)   Sleeping (Getting past the struggle)   Me, Myself And I (Your child forms an identity)   Food For Thought (Thinking about eating)   The Glowing Eye (Television and other media)   Friends And Enemies (Helping your child get along)     Knowing Right And Wrong (Building a conscience)     Going To School (Are we ready?)   Becoming A Reader (The key step in school success)   Disruptions And Detours (Helping children cope with change)   Children´s Bad Habits (Annoying, disgusting and embarrassing)        More Than One Way To Shine (Helping your child find his strengths)      Making It All Better (What to do if you´ve screwed up)     Leaving Footsteps To Follow (Becoming a family leader)