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wrapping up

Congratulations on completing the 30-hour course Child Care Basics. You might be wondering right now what comes next.

First, we will record your completion in MERIT. Usually we can find your STARS number with no problem but if there is another person in MERIT's database with the same name, we may need to email you to confirm your STARS number.

If you don't yet have a STARS number, be sure to secure that before you finish this course or as soon as possible afterwards, so we can record your completion right away. You can get a STARS number on DEL's website here.

Next, we will email you your certificate of completion. File this away as your proof of completion. Your director may need to make a copy for the center's files also.

Then, keep in touch. Now that you've earned your Child Care Basics, you will need to continue to earn professional development hours each year. You can find those in the form of online courses right here, at The Skillful Teacher.

We'll also send you our newsletter, which contains material you may find useful or even want to share with the parents of the children you work with.

If you decide someday to earn your CDA, you can apply your Child Care Basics courses to that when you earn your CDA here, which will save you time. Find out more by checking out the CDA page on The Skillful Teacher website.

Go forward with our best wishes. Thank you for being part of this course!