getting started


I'm glad you're here and ready to start!

When you chose Video 120 CDA for your Child Development Associate credential, you chose the preparation that fits you and your busy schedule. Video 120 CDA gives you...

  • The 120 hours of preparation required by the Council of Professional Development for your CDA.
  • Convenient online video-based courses that are interesting and thought-provoking. 
  • The ability to choose online elective courses to meet your particular interests and needs.
  • Individual attention and support throughout your learning journey.
  • The ability to work at your own pace. Go as quickly or slowly as you like. Take up to an entire year to finish.
  • The chance to demonstrate your learning through interesting activities. No quizzes or tests! 
  • A way to earn annual hours for your state registry; reimbursable in Washington state up to $250/year.
  • The option to apply previous courses taken from The Skillful Teacher to your CDA preparation.
  • Step-by-step guidance in creating your CDA portfolio. One purchase gets you everything you need.

Here's how this works


Start by viewing the Required Content.

This 8-unit experience provides a solid foundation for early childhood education and care. Each unit is presented in one or two online videos and repeated in a written transcript. Watch each unit (or read the transcript, if you prefer) and complete the Required Activities. When you email in your activities, you'll receive a personal response to help guide and support your learning.

Continue by selecting 24 Electives.

You may choose your own electives from the roster of online video courses from The Skillful Teacher. Your choice of electives will be guided by your own interests, your teaching situation, and your long term goals.

Finish by completing your CDA portfolio and preparing for your verification visit

Get step-by-step guidance in assembling the portfolio Resource Collection and writing the Competency Statements and Philosophy Statement. An important part of your portfolio is your Certificate of Completion of your Video 120 CDA program.

two things to keep in mind...


If you already completed Child Care Basics online with Dr. Anderson, then you may completely skip the required content. We already know that you have mastered this material. Just send us a reminder at and we'll mark your required content as "completed."

If you have already completed online courses from The Skillful Teacher that you wish to use as electives, just let us know. We have a record of all the courses you've taken with us and we can review your transcript and apply courses you've already taken to the electives you need for your CDA. Let's discuss this by email at