step 1


How to start your portfolio


Begin by purchasing the correct competency standards book for your program level and type from the guides offered by the Council for Professional Development. Each of these books cost about $25 and you only need one.  

Purchase your competency standards book here.

portfolio books.png

Next find a three-ring binder. A one-and-a-half-inch wide binder should be big enough for everything you need to put into it. Find this at your local office supply store or thrift store.

Then buy a set of dividers with tabs, since you'll need those to keep the contents of your portfolio separated. 

portfolio materials.png

Some people also find it helpful to get a few clear plastic "sheet protectors" in which to insert some of the items you are asked to add to your resource collection. These are like a pocket with three holes in the edge for easy insertion into your binder. You don't need to put all your work in these protectors and, in fact, doing that makes it difficult to read what you wrote if there are multiple pages. But a handful of these items are useful for inserting forms and other documents.

Finally, you'll need a hole-punch or copy paper that comes with three holes already punched on each sheet. You may be able to borrow a punch from your center, or do all your paper-punching for free at your local office supply store's copy area.

Once you've got all your materials assembled, you are ready to begin....