Child Care Basics

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Child Care Basics


This course offers you a great introduction to early childhood education. 

This course fulfills Washington State 30-hour basic training requirements for lead teachers, supervisors, and directors of child care centers and family child care homes.

What's included in this course?

We'll talk about typical development from birth into the school-age years. 

You'll learn about the value of play and how to include play in your program.

We'l talk about ways to guide children's behavior and how to preserve children's health and safety.

Finally, we'll learn how you can make an impact as a true professional of early education and care.

Child Care Basics is a 30-hour experience. It focuses on 10 units with three parts in each unit. It follows the Washington State Department of Early Learning's Child Care Basics curriculum. 

When you finish this course, you will have earned this important credential in Washington State.

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How do I learn?

The entire course is presented as online videos. You watch the videos, just as if you were watching something from YouTube, on your own computer or other device. There is one video for each of the 10 units. 

As you watch the video for each unit, you will be directed to complete assignments that give you a chance to demonstrate your understanding. These are not tests. There is no right or wrong answers to any of the assignments. All of the assignments are interesting activities that will allow you to use your brain and share what you know.

When you complete all of the assignments, you will have completed the course. Dr. Anderson will record your completion in MERIT and will email you a certificate.

If you wish, you may skip the videos and just read the content right from your computer screen. You can read or you can watch... or both!

How long does it take to finish?

You work as fast or as slowly as you like. You may take as much time as you need to complete the course. Most students find the course takes at least a week to complete the entire course. Many students take a month or more, working only as they have time.

I've never taken an online course. Can I do this?

If you have a working computer, tablet, or smart phone and a reliable Internet connection, you will be able to take this course easily. Watching the online videos is just like watching a video from YouTube. 

If you run into difficulty or have a question about an assignment, it's easy to contact Dr. Anderson for help. We want you to be successful and to have fun with this.

Why is this course less expensive than other 30-hour courses?

It's less expensive for three reasons:

First, because the course is online, it's not costly for us to present it to you;

Second, the course costs so little because we know you have lots of expenses and price matters to you; and

Third, the course costs so little because we want you to become the very best early childhood professional you can be and we think this course is the best way to do that.

Remember, you can apply to Department of Early Learning for reimbursement of your entire tuition once you've completed the course. Because this course costs so little, you will have money left over from your annual reimbursement allowance to take other courses if you like.

Who is the teacher?

You get to work with Dr. Patricia Nan Anderson, a long-time professor of Early Childhood Education and a sought-after leader of professional development training. Dr. Anderson is an approved trainer in Washington State.

As you complete assignments in this course, you will email them to Dr. Anderson. She will read your work and comment back to you. When all the assignments are finished, you will have completed the course.

The material she presents here is interesting and useful, the activities are fun, and the atmosphere is focused on you and your success.