Video 120 CDA

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Video 120 CDA


When you choose Video 120 CDA for your Child Development Associate credential, you'll get preparation that fits you and fits your busy schedule. 

Video 120 CDA gives you...

The 120 hours of preparation required by the Council of Professional Development for your CDA.

Find out more about CDA requirements below.

Convenient online video-based courses that are interesting and thought-provoking.

Video 120 CDA is presented entirely as online videos you can watch on just about any Internet-connected device. If you've tried boring online courses that require a lot of reading and aren't very interesting... well, this is not that sort of online program. These are videos. Who doesn't like videos?

The ability to choose online elective courses to meet your particular interests and needs.

Your interests and needs are unique and so should be your CDA preparation. Choose your own online courses from the wide array of courses we offer. All are on video, of course, so you can learn in the way most people enjoy.

Individual attention and support throughout your learning journey.

We're here to help. If you run into difficulties, need to tweak an assignment to fit your situation, or just have a question, we want to hear from you and we'll get back to you quickly. We don't believe in canned responses or just an FAQ list. You'll get individual, personal help whenever you need it, every step of the way.

The ability to work at your own pace. 

Want to earn your CDA quickly? You can do that. There's no need to wait for a class. Want to take your time and fit this into your schedule whenever you can? You can do that. Your program never expires. We'd like you to finish in less than a year, because we care about you and your success, but if you need more time than that, that's okay.

The ability to pay as you go. 

While Video 120 CDA is already affordable, coming up with the entire cost at the start can be difficult for most of us. But there's a solution. In our Step-by-Step option, you pay for and complete each unit individually. Choose the option that works best for you.

The chance to demonstrate your learning through interesting activities. No quizzes or tests! 

We hate quizzes. They don't ever get at what's really important and they often seem like a game of "guess-what-the-quiz-writer-was-thinking." But we love meaningful activities that expand our understanding. So that's what you get in Video 120 CDA. Fun, interesting, meaningful ways to apply and demonstrate what you know.

A way to earn annual hours for your state registry; reimbursable in Washington state up to $250/year.

Video 120 CDA is already low-cost. But you may be able to apply some or all of this work to your state's annual hours requirements or even get money back if your state has a reimbursement program. In our home state of Washington, you may apply for reimbursement of up to $250 per year. That goes a long way in funding your CDA.

The option to apply previous courses taken from The Skillful Teacher to your CDA preparation.

If you've already taken online courses from The Skillful Teacher, you may apply those to your CDA. This means you may be halfway to your CDA already, without even knowing it! Save time and avoid repetition by continuing your learning with us.

Step-by-step guidance in creating your CDA portfolio. One purchase gets you everything you need.

Some CDA providers charge you extra for help in creating the required CDA portfolio. We at Video 120 CDA know you deserve to get expert guidance with the portfolio without any added expense. That's only fair. One purchase gets you all set.


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Wait! What is a CDA and why would I want one?

CDA stands for Childhood Development Associate credential. This is a designation of professional attainment sponsored by the Council for Professional Development. It's been around since the 1970s with over 300,000 CDAs awarded to date. A CDA is one credential that is recognized nationwide for early childhood educators  working with children in all settings, including infants-toddlers, preschoolers, and children in family child care homes.

A CDA is valuable to you for several reasons:

  • It validates your expertise as an early childhood educator. When you hold a CDA, others in the field know that you are professional and well-prepared. Your CDA sets you apart.
  • It provides you with foundational knowledge and opportunities to reflect on your knowledge and apply it. Completing a CDA is a transformative experience. You will grow in understanding and ability as you work through the CDA process.
  • A CDA is recognized nationwide. You might be approved to work in a child care or preschool in your own state but if you move to another state, you likely will have to go through the approval process all over again. But not if you hold a CDA. In just about all states, your CDA is an automatic pass to state approval. With your CDA you can teach in early childhood settings anywhere you like.*
  • A CDA can be an affordable option. The Council for Professional Recognition charges a fee (about $425) for a site observation and its exam and a little bit more (about $25) for the portfolio guidebook. Individual training organizations or colleges charge a fee for the 120 hour required preparation. Altogether, the total cost is less than earning an AA degree and is far more convenient for you if you complete your CDA online with Video 120 CDA. Your center may even pay for your CDA, or your state may offer scholarships.

*The CDA is not a public school teaching certificate. It does not quality a person to teach kindergarten or other grades, nor to teach in some early childhood settings that require a public school teaching certificate.

So here's the thing...

If you agree that getting a CDA is a good thing for you, then the Video 120 CDA is the perfect way to complete the 120-hour preparation required for your CDA. For all the reasons listed above, we're sure you'll find the Video 120 CDA informative and helpful to your work with children and families and a lot of fun to do too.