Winning Over Problem People

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Winning Over Problem People.jpg

Winning Over Problem People


Whether it’s a demanding parent, a clueless coworker or a challenging administrator, dealing with problem people is part of your day, every day.  How can you work through troublesome encounters in a way that leaves everyone feeling happier and more satisfied - including you?   

We'll talk about general strategies and specific situations, to build your confidence and enhance your skills in dealing with challenges. Feel more in control and gain wider respect from others with the techniques you learn in this workshop.

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2 professional development hours.

Your certificate of completion, emailed to you upon completion of this course, can be applied to your registry in any state or system. We will record your hours automatically in the Washington State STARS program or the Illinois Gateways registry. 

Video 120 CDA elective for Unit 6 or 7

Video 120 CDA for Home Visitors elective for Unit 4 or 5

This course may be applied to your CDA renewal.

This course earns .2 CEUs.