getting started


Ready to start? Here we go!

In each of the 10 units that make up this course, you'll find video presentations that present the content. Transcripts containing the written content of the videos are also offered, in case you'd rather read than watch. Each page also includes links to supplementary material in case you'd like to learn more.

In addition, each unit includes from 2 to 5 activities. As you complete the videos or the readings for each unit, complete the unit activities and email those to us. Instructions appear on the final slide at the end of each video. We will read them and comment on each one and send them back to you.

When you've completed all 10 units and the associated activities, you will be finished. We'll send you your certificate via email and record your completion with the Department of Early Learning.

Get started now with Unit 1 by clicking on the image below.