How much do Virtual Onsites cost?

Cost is based on the number of participants.

4 to 12 participants costs $15 per participant

Additional participants cost $6 per participant

For example:

Training for 6 participants costs 6 x $15, which is $90.

Training for 15 participants costs 12 x $15, which is $180, plus 3 x $6, which is $18. The total is $198.

Training for 38 participants costs 12 x $15, which is $180, plus 26 x $6, which is $156. The total is $336.

We will send you an invoice when you tell us which workshop you'd like and the names of participants who will attend. Payment must be received before we send the link for the workshop, so it's important to give yourself enough time to arrange things.

what if someone misses the workshop?

Because the presentation is on video, staff who are absent on the day you plan to offer the training can make this up so long as this is completed within 7 days of the training date. This ability to offer staff some flexibility means you can be sure all your staff get the training you wish them to have, even if they have to miss the training day.

can i change the training date?

No problem! Just let us know. We understand that things come up.

What if I don't know who will attend?

Just make your best guess. We know that new people might join your staff. Email us if you have any questions or special problems and together we'll work it out.


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How this works

Your staff needs quality professional development but sometimes that’s hard to find in your area. In addition it’s sometimes hard to find a day and time the trainer and all of your staff – not to mention the families you serve – can  reserve for your professional development needs. We understand the complex reality of your early childhood practice.

Our Virtual Onsite program fits into your schedule, not the other way around.

Arranging a Virtual Onsite is easy.

Step 1 – Choose your workshop from the courses already offered on The Skillful Teacher website. If you don’t find what you need, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll see if we can create a workshop just for you.

Step 2 – Decide when you want to present your Virtual Onsite. You might decide to do this as part of a professional development day, when all your staff are together, or you might decide to ask staff to complete the workshop on their own, as they have time, during a particular week you name.

Step 3 – Determine who will participate in your Virtual Onsite experience. We’ll need to know the name of each participant and each participant’s state registry number. These names are what will be recorded on the certificates of completion, so make sure the names are spelled correctly.

Step 4 – Send us an email with the information from steps 1 through 3. We will send you an invoice for the training.

Step 5 – Five to seven days ahead of your professional development day (or week), we will email you a link to your Virtual Onsite workshop. Payment for the training must be received before the link is sent. Along with the link, we’ll send you a reminder of how participants can submit their workshop reflections. We'll also send you a handout you may copy and distribute and tips to make your session go smoothly.

Step 6 – On the day of your training, if you are doing the training as a group, connect an Internet-enabled computer to an LCD projector or to the HDMI input of a television. (If you have not connected your computer to a projector or TV before, be sure to try this ahead of your training session, to make sure you are familiar with the process.) Check the volume on your computer if you are using an LCD projector. You may want to connect speakers if the volume seems too low.

If instead staff will watch the presentation individually as they have time, distribute the link to each staff person. Remind them of the one-week deadline to complete the course.

Step 7 – Click on the link to the workshop that we emailed you, sit back, and enjoy the presentation with your staff. You may stop the video for discussion among the group or if there are questions. Each presentation includes question-mark slides that make it easy to stop the video for conversation or a break.

Step 8 – At the end of the video, direct each participant to complete the reflection as indicated at the end of the presentation. It’s important that each participant write their own reflection; a “group reflection” or reflections that are duplicates of each other may not be awarded completion credit.

Step 9 – Email us each participant’s reflection – these may be sent all together in a single email or in individual emails. It is important that we are able to connect each reflection with the participants listed on the roster you sent us in Step 3. You can include in this email any questions or issues that came up that the group would like Dr. Anderson to clarify.

Step 10 – After we receive the reflections from you and your staff, we will create individual certificates of completion and email these back to you as pdf documents. If you are in Washington State or Illinois, we will also record hours for your staff in the state registry. We’ll also email you a response to any questions or concerns that came up for you and your staff.

We are committed to your success, and we believe that Virtual Onsites can make a great contribution to your progress as a center and individual staff. We hope you’ll give Virtual Onsites a try!