Curiosity and Wonder - 5 hour version

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Curiosity and Wonder - 5 hour version


What does it mean to be curious... and can curiosity be dangerous to children? What do adults think about curiosity... and do schools support curiosity?

Find out everything you've ever been curious about being curious and learn ways you can support curiosity and wonder in the children you serve. Discover new ideas and put them into action in this intriguing course.

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2 professional development hours.

This course is an Action Workshop. You will receive a pdf file with content and activities instead of a video link. You will complete the activities and email them to us for comment.

Your certificate of completion, emailed to you upon completion of this course, can be applied to your registry in any state or system. We will record your hours automatically in the Washington State STARS program or the Illinois Gateways registry. 

Video 120 CDA elective for Unit 2

Video 120 CDA for Home Visitors elective for Unit 2

This course may be applied to your CDA renewal.

This course earns .2 CEUs.